Since their ancient origins, natural and organic remedies are making new strides every day to help improve the various aspects of the journey for mother and baby from conception to the nursery.

The First Trimester:
You have checked it out, and now you are sure you are an expectant mom. You may be able to avoid some of the digestive disturbances that may show up during pregnancy, like nausea and vomiting (morning sickness) with a safe alternative to the over the counter and prescription medications that many people fear might have side-effects as well as adverse effects on the development of your unborn child.

The Second Trimester:
For many woman worries about things like stretch marks and the effects of pregnancy on the body enter the picture. Now natural oils and other natural and organic products can help soften the skin and underlying tissue and prevent or reduce the formation stretch marks.

The Third Trimester:
The last month before your due date is approaching, you are both looking forward to holding your baby, and at the same time you are feeling nervous about labor and birth.
You may find help for these feelings in the natural herbal remedies passed down through the generations, by mothers and midwives that cared for women during pregnancy and giving birth.

Recovery from childbirth:
The “postpartum period” is the term given to the 6 weeks following delivery. With a vaginal delivery you may be up after a few days, but it will take several weeks to complete the healing process. With a Caesarean birth it will take longer to heal due to the surgery. Pregnancy and childbirth have put a strain on you mentally and physically, and here again there are natural remedies to help return you to your pre-pregnancy state.

Your Baby:
Your newborn can also profit from natural remedies for cradle cap, teething, diaper rash, and many other items such as organic bedding and a natural all around nursery.

Natural and organic remedies have been gaining a new respect lately, as practitioners of traditional medicine begin to recognize the ability of hundreds of thousands of herbs and other natural products that have the capabilities to enhance comfort, health, Mental Attitude, Appearance, and Performance.

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