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When you bring your new baby home, it is not uncommon to hear new moms and dads telling everyone how much less sleep they are getting because their baby just does not sleep through the night. During the first few months, babies seem to go through somewhat erratic sleep patterns. During this time parents can put a considerable amount of effort into getting baby off to sleep. Usually, baby ends up sleeping in the parent’s arms as they rock or breastfeed baby to sleep. This, however, leads to more trouble as this activity becomes reinforced and baby begins to anticipate falling asleep in the parent’s arms.

Avoid allowing your baby to fall asleep in your arms every night. This is the first step if you want your baby to sleep independently. The baby’s cot or bed is the best place for your baby to fall asleep. This gives the baby an opportunity to fall asleep without unnecessary fuss. Also, remember to put your baby down awake, but sleepy.

The next step is to create a sleeping routine so that your baby goes to sleep at the same time every night. Be consistent and soon baby will establish a sleeping routine. Be persistent in this method and your baby will soon learn how to fall asleep independently. After 2 months of age, you may start to encourage baby to fall asleep without your help.

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